The project "Art on the street" , it is a bilateral project between FCASEC organization, from Fumureni, Romania and  Association Juvenil Scout La Elipa organization from Madrid, Spain. The activities from the project will be held in Madrid during 9 and 19 of September 2008 for a period of 9 days.

       The topics of the projects are: "Art and culture" and "Sport and education activities"
       The objectives are:
  •  the European citizenship promotion by artistic, cultural and sportive manifestations
  •  mutual learning using the non-formal methods
  • tolerance spirit development
  • education by art and culture
  • cultural enrichment and artistic competences acquisition
  •  youth cooperation promotion

       In this project will take part 28 young persons accompanied by 4 youth leaders
       Within the project will be activites such:
  •    artistic manifestations, grafiti contest, madrid photos contest, the visit of cultural attractions in Madrid, project`s evaluation, dissemination actvities.

       The used methods within the project will be:
  • work-shops
  • grup discussions
  • role-play
  • power point presentations cartoons