The project is a bilateral project of exchange between FCASEC associaton and SIM association. During the implementation of this project, a number of 44 Romanian and Polish young people, accompanied by 4 youth leaders will run activites on youth field and youth citizenship.

The project activites will last 10 days and the place wil be Pausa-Valcea.
The specific objectives are:
  • to learn the european values
  • to understand Eu 's mechanism of functioning and to learn the role of the European Institutions
  • to understand the concept of European Citizenship
  • to promote young people  mobilites
  • young people's access to methods of non-formal education
To discover the social and cultural realities from Romania and Poland
To promote the team work through  group practical and sport activities
  • to develop the tolerant spirit and to reduce thephenomena of racism or xenophobia
       Through this project we will continue to develop a solid partnership between the two associations, through discovering new values of European citizenship and through enhancing young people's interest in European Citizenship and in understaning the youth programs.
During the project activities  a series of new methods will be used to reach the objectives: workshops, powerpoint presentations, role games and other games.
       The project itself will contribute to the participants' self -development, by learning through discovering about the European citisenship, as well as about the cultural and historical Romanian and Polish values.