The title means creating something new. We want to show the Romanians and Flemish that we're all the same.  This we are going to do by workshops and sessions of working in a marsh area.   These workshops exist out of different activities that are related with nature. Nature is something we've got in common, something both groups are interested in. We want to crate something new out of 2 different cultures.  Together we learn a lot about each other and at the same time experience that we're not so different at all. By working together we want to create a cozy group of friends out of different cultures. We also want to show them how we live around here and show them what our culture is all about. We want to share our interests and have fun together. This way the Romanian group gets to know our culture and our country, and we hope they keep some friends for a lifetime.

         The project activities will take place in Tournhout, Belgie for 14 days.