The theme of the project is "Art and culture" and "Environment". This theme are central in both our group Romanian and Spanish toghter we will discover the nature,work in the nature and undertake activities that have as central theme the Art in Nature.

  The project objectives are:
  • to provide participants with an opportinity to reflect upon environment.
  • Personal development of all members.
  • To reflect about environment and related values.
  • To improve the communication abbilities among the young.
  • Give the participants a unique experience by discovering the Romanian and Spanish art and culture.
In the project will be used the following learning objectives:
  • self learning games
  • practical announcements according to the project theme and objectives
  • traditional songs and dances.painting workshops.
At the activities of teh project will participate 14 young spanish and 14 romanian. The exchange will take place between 3-13 July 2008 in Pausa, Valcea, Romania.