The project "Re-Uniting for the game" about creating a meeting point between youth of different cultures and countries (Spain and Romania) through play and sports. Our intention is to restore traditional sports and games of both countries through which promote knowledge of the identity and culture of both countries and regions by all the young participants and collect traditional values that have lost games today. The games and sports are an ideal tool to promote motivation and participation of youth and allow the creation of educational spaces in which to work values of healthy life, intercultural and teamwork and cooperation, among many other objectives.

       This project lasts for 8 months divided into three phases: First phase of preparation for the activity that will be developed by the 10 young people from each country (20 in total) and sharing in the host country, which will be a second exchange, where the Spanish group will visit the Romanian group and develop the activity in Romania and a final phase in which it will evaluate and disseminate the project results.