MediaYouth project aims to create space for youth voluntary interaction, youth workers and youth leaders in order to exchange experiences and acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies in the delivery of information campaigns for youth and development of partnerships and networks of youth organizations.

The specific objectives are:
  • To provide the opportunity of exploring how media can be used in youth activities.
  • The acquisition by the participants of creative presentation and communication skills.
  • To identifify specific NGO/media relations.
  • To increase transnational mobility among young people through direct involvement in
The project's main activities are:

  • creating a network and a partnership between youth organizations in Africa and Europe.
  • Organizing workshops for local youth to acquire the skills to organize a media campaign.
  • Organizing a media campaign by each participant on human rights and the fight against racism and xenophobiei.
  • Organizing a meeting to evaluate the project.
  • Organize a training course on organizing a youth media campaign.
  • Setting up an online radio station will be porta-voice for the youth involved in the project.
Places for the project to be run: Ramnicu Valcea (Romania), Thessaloniki (Greece),Magenta (Italy), Accra (Ghana), Yaounde (Camerun),Lusaka(Zambia).

The project will directly involve a total of 330 young people. Each partner will involve directly 50 young people in the activities at the local level.They will be involved in organizing local media campaign,  debates and workshops. By the multiplying effect, a total of 500 young people from the local level will benefit indirectly from project activities. In the transnational mobility 30 young people will be involved, five from each organization. Participants in the project are young people with fewer opportunities coming from poor communities.
The tangible results of the project are:
  • Organizing a workshop for local youth and youth workers.
  • Organizing a local media campaign by young people.
  • Organize a training course for young people on how to make a media campaign on a given theme.
  • Setting up an online radio station which will be administered by young people.
  • Project web page, which will serve as a platform for exchanging best practices and promoting transnational partnerships.
  • Video clips made by the youth on voluntary participation in community life