"Greenthinksers" projects is a voluntary project that involves young people from Europe and Africa. The project will be held in Valcea county, in Romania.

The thems of the projects are: environment protection, ecological education and promoting outdoor activities.
The specific objectives of the project are:
  • To improve environmental education programmes for volunteers;
  • To promote non-formal education methonds through open air activities and involving in solving evironment problems in Cozia National Park, Valcea community, European and African comunities.
  • To help young people with fewer opportunities to participate in volunteering activities.
  • To establish friendship conexions between youngh people from Romania, Europe and Africa through solidarity and tolerance.
  • To promote cultural diversity as an instrument for intercutural education among youth.
The voluntary stage will have a duration of 12 months, will start on 1st of May 2012  and will include 10 volunteers from France, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Cameroon.
The main activities implemented thrue this project are:
  • organizing workshops on environmental issues in 24 schools of Valcea.
  • Greening Cozia Park mountain trails.
  • Making three thematic routes in Cozia Park that will carry the distinctive signs (logo of the project) and panels on environmental protection will be located periodically.
  • Establishment of two resting places for tourists in the park, where information on environmental education and environmental protection will be displayed.
  • Organizing an annual conference on environmental issues where specialists and representatives of local authorities will be invited.


The profile of the disired volunteer is:

  • aged between 18 and 30 years
  • adaptability to a multicultural environment.
  • desire to work outdoor and to promote ecological and environmental education.
  • desire to take part in youth activities using non formal education methods.


The volunteers selection will be done in two steps. In first stage, the selection will be made at each partner lever. Thus each volunteer will submit a CV in European format and a letter of motivation at the partner organizations. Each partner will hold an interview with the candidates, interview after which the volunteers will be selected. The list of selected volunteers will be sent to the host organization. The second stage of selection will be checking the CV and cover letters by the host organization and the organization of an online interview via Skype with each volunteer selected in the first stage. The interview will follow the volunteers interest in environmental issues, their desire to work in an intercultural environment, the degree of adaptability to new working environment.