In this project "FCASEC" will be involved as a sending partner and "The Learning Machine Ltd"(UK) as host partner .

            The target group of the project is formed by 12 teachers from the secondary school that teach both in towns and in the country.
            The main objective of the project is a mobility programme for 12 teachers in order to achieve didactic and pedagogic competencies for open source  and free software multimedia lessons. At the end of this programme the teachers will be able to use the Internet and the virtual instruments in order to develop the teaching-learning process. 
           The specific needs in this project are:
                    -    the need to participate abroad in a training stage for a professional training  .
                    -    The IT professional training for multimedia lessons that will be implemented in class.
                    -    The open-source and free software use for multimedia lessons and material development.
                    -    The transfer of methodology and procedures in the area of British education and adapting them to the Romanian context.
                    -    The teaching virtual instruments use with new IT technology .
                    -    Strengthen the partnership between the social partners and the education system.
            At the end of this project the participants will be able to use the virtual instruments for the multimedia lessons and they will train other teachers.
      The mobility will take place in Tamworth-Great Britain , during the 20th of September - 3rd  of October 2010, for 2 weeks.


In perioada 4-31 Ianuarie 2010,are loc inscrierea participantilor la proiectul de mobilitate LLP-LdV/PLM/2009/RO/139.
  Dosarul de inscriere va fi depus la sediul FCASEC din Rm.Valcea si va cuprinde:
- CV in format european.
- copie dupa cartea de identitate.
- scrisoare de motivatie.
- adeverinta de cadru didactic cu specificatia specializarii.
-adeverinta cursuri formare AEL,IT,INTELTEACH sau INGOT.
   In data de 27 Februarie 2010,va fi organizat concursul de selectie a participantilor la acest proiect.